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CastlePaste PRO

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How Does CastlePaste PRO Paste Stuff ?

CastlePaste PRO copies Text Paste Items to the clipboard as plain text and pastes them in to the active application.  Rich Text Paste Items are copied as rich text and pasted into the active application.  If the application supports RTF (Rich Text Format) then pasting should work.  If the application does not support pasting in RTF format then CastlePaste PRO will probably not be able to paste Rich Text Paste Items to that application.

If you are unsure whether CastlePaste PRO will work for you, then download it and try it out before you buy it

NOTE: CastlePaste has been superseded by CastlePaste PRO

CastlePaste or CastlePaste PRO ? Which one is right for you ?

Feature CastlePaste CastlePaste Pro
10 Paste Items  
Unlimited Paste Items  
Single line text
Unlimited lines of text  
Follows the active application
Paste directly into active application
Custom window tracking  
Custom paste methods  
Folders for organizing Paste Items  
Supports Rich Text  
Supports Images and OLE objects  
Option to start when Windows starts
Option for special positioning on maximized windows  
Includes Castle NewsAlert for real-time update information and news.
Online help on the Web
Cost Free US $27.95

CastlePaste PRO is trialware;  you may use CastlePaste PRO for a trial period of 30 (thirty) days, at no cost to you, to determine if it fits your needs.  After that, if you decide to continue using CastlePaste PRO, you are expected to buy it.  For further details, please read the license agreement in the CastlePaste PRO help file.


Restrictions in the Trial Version.

The trial version has a number of restrictions that the purchased version does not have :

  • The Reminder window reminding you to purchase.

The above restrictions are the ONLY restrictions in the unregistered version.  There are no hidden features or extra options available in the registered version other than the restrictions listed above.


System Requirements

CastlePaste is a 32-bit program designed for Windows 98, Windows 98 SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP or newer.  

If you have a reasonably new computer (within the last 4 or 5 years or so) then you should have no problems running it.  Make sure your display mode is set to display 65536 colours (16 bit) or more.

  • CastlePaste does run and has been tested 
    extensively on Windows 2000 and Windows XP.
    CastlePaste does not currently run under 
    Windows NT 4.  
    Windows XP, Windows Vista or newer.
  • 16MB RAM.
  • 16-bit Colour Display (65536 colours).
  • 4MB Free hard disk space.
  • Windows Common Controls v5.
  • Mouse or other Windows-compatible pointing device strongly recommended.

Note :  CastlePaste makes use of the latest Microsoft Common Controls DLLs.  If you are already running Internet Explorer 5, then your system probably contains the latest DLLs.  

If your system does not have the latest DLLs, you should download and install the Microsoft upgrade file (50comupd.exe)  before running CastlePaste .

Rate CastlePaste PRO

We would appreciate you taking the time to give CastlePaste PRO a rating at aFreeGo.com. Clicking on the image below will open the CastlePaste PRO page on aFreeGo.com. Use the rating box at the bottom of that page to rate CastlePaste PRO.

Revision History

v2.01.1p Major enhancements. Backend is now database driven. Fixes to two issues with pasting.
Minor cosmetic fix in the configuration dialog. Changes to increase stability.
Minor change to the configuration dialog.
Minor fix related to deleting Paste Items.
v1.02.3p Increased number of paste items in trial version from 5 to 10
First public release



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