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11 July 2002 - Rick Williams - Digital World Media

I Needed Help !!
As a website developer, I am constantly re-using bit and pieces of code to create websites for my customers. After searching high and low for a small program to keep track of all my snippets, I nearly gave up. I was using a simple text editor to keep track of all my re-useable code! This drove me nuts! I would have to hunt for the text files, open them, then highlight the area I wanted, switch to the application I was using and then paste. Too tedious and too easily messed up.

The Search Was Bleak
I thought I had found a solution, but it only worked with one application and was limited to only 25 items. When I found out about CastlePaste Pro, I couldnít believe it! Here it was, THE ONLY CLIPBOARD MANAGER I WOULD EVER NEED!

Versatility - A Must !
Now, I can use everything I would ever type in repeatedly in every application from my word processor to my accounting software to my development tools. Way Cool!

And Simple To Use !
It only took a few moments to get up and going with CastlePaste Pro. Now I donít know how I ever got along without it.

Make More Money !
It should be mentioned that having this powerful yet simple tool at my disposal has made me more productive. Now I can do the same tasks in less time. And since I bill my clients per task, that means I get more done! I love CastlePaste Pro!

My Only Gripe ...
Though minor, I do have to point out that I was slowed down a bit when trying to move my scripts into folders. I thought I should just be able to drag them onto the folder. The program does not work this way. You have to select the file (or clip) that you want to move and drag it into POSITION within the folder. A minor gripe, but it did slow me down at first.

Buy It Now !
Do yourself a favor and go to www.CastleSoftware.biz and download the demo. You owe it to yourself. You will wonder how you ever lived without this handy little tool. I did!



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