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Customer Comments


"I enjoy this program. I can see what time it is where ever I have friends or family through out the world. With the Internet letting me chat/talk to other people, even on the other side of the world ... right now ... I wondered a few times what time it was where they are. With it's large location list, WorldTime can let me set a visible clock to almost any where on earth. When I am done talking with one person and start talking to another person, it's easy to change the clock for their location." - Stephen D. Kissel

"I have tried every clock I could find, and I think yours is by far the best. I hope that you will continue to develop it in subsequent versions. I will help to spread the word!" - Druyan Byrne

"Cool Clock" - Arno DeBruijn

"Looks like the nicest clock I've seen" - Paul Brannon

"The WorldTimer is a very useful tool when communicating with the rest of the world. I have previously had to use the time sheet as printed at the back of the local telephone directory for time zones. Thank you very much" - Tony Stark

"Very good just what I was looking for. Thanks" - Arne Holvik

"a very nice timer world clock" - Andreas Thalhammer

"Nice set up. I like the day time and night time shadows and also the location of the sun. It is a learning experience for the great grand kids" - Charles Gray

"Great application I particularly like the countdown feature" - Frank Pohole

"WorldTimer will be appreciated at my work in a call center where many time zones are covered." - Steve Carmichael

"Your program will make keeping track of the time back home all too easy." - Christian Cannon

"Just what I need" - Carlos Chu

"Perfect. Just what I was looking for." - Jeff Mousseau

"Its a great software" - Jose Beiza

"I think the countdown is the greatest clock in the world." - Sivasuthan Kanapathipillai

"Great Clock and web site" - Eric Phillips

"Nice clock just what I was looking for" - Charles Peek


CastlePaste PRO

"I recently ordered CastlePaste Pro. What really impressed me was the excellent customer support. The staff at Castle answered all of my emails within minutes, and were very knowledgable and professional. It's nice to know that there are still companies online that care for their customers. If anyone would like to contact me personally regarding this company, they may do so at craig@doubleyourdating.com." - Craig Clemens

"You certainly have been one of the most attentive and pleasant customer service representatives I have ever had the pleasure of working with either by email, telephone or in person. Thank you for such outstanding service. It's greatly appreciated." - Perry Thompson

"Very cool software, I am very happy to support your efforts by purchasing it. I looked at a number of similar products first. Yours is very easy and convenient to use. The way it follows the active window and can be activated by merely clicking the icon in the title bar is the most important feature, so far." - Michael Gantt

"CastlePaste PRO is the best cut and paste replacement tool ever !!.  I use it all the time and pasting has never been easier." - Henry Wu

"I have just started using CastlePaste, and thought I would let you know, that I think it is brilliant. I am using it for business envelopes at this stage, it is so quick and easy to use.  A satisfied customer...." - S.M. Thorburn

“I just downloaded the trial version of CastlePaste PRO and I'm VERY impressed.  I will definitely be purchasing this product.   …I would pay more.  It's going to really help me…” - Steve Hunter
“I also run a software web site and each day I am getting more email questions from customers as my website grows in visitor numbers.  I have been using your CastlePaste Pro and it is great because it helps me reply quickly to some commonly asked questions with just a click of a button.  If it hadn't been for your program I would be here at it all day answering emails, typing the same stuff over and over. It sure helps me to give my customers better service with more prompt replies.  Thanks"  - Shaughn Prestidge (www.releaseram.com)

Using CastlePaste Pro with Outlook e-mail has tremendously improved my response time when dealing with customer support issues. I use CastlePaste to paste snippets from the FAQ or commonly used web links etc. The customers appreciate the fast response and I can get on with improving my software." - Andrew Ross, Kiwi Enterprises (Home of Kiwi Syslog Daemon and Kiwi CatTools.)

"CastlePaste has definitely made copying and pasting a lot easier, and I do a lot of it! I don't have to hunt down bits of information anymore, but have it all in one location and all it takes is one click to paste it into whatever app I'm working in! This is a great productivity tool!" - Eric Peckham, Software Developer, (www.acusolv.com

“I love this program. It makes moving products and html codes a breeze. Thanks” - Sherry Titus

"I am a registered user of CastePaste PRO... I use it constantly throughout the day. Saves me a lot of time. Thanks." - Chris Hoffman, Mystik Media, (www.mystikmedia.com



"Fantastic Software. I am recommending it to all my friends.  Keep up the good work!!!!" - Bob Mace

"Simply the best ..." - Arnold Roberts

"After downloading it and trying it, I just had to buy it.  Thanks for this innovative and useful software." - Jerry Konghi

"CastleBar is the ONLY toolbar launcher that lets me set up dropdown options for each button.  I can't do without it ..." - William Brown




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