How To Download

If you are new to downloading files from the Internet, or you are having problems downloading then this page may help you.



To download a file from our web site, follow these simple steps

  1. Click on one of the download links on our Downloads page.
  2. With most browsers, a window will pop up asking you if you want to "open" or "save" the file. Choose Save.  If you use a download manager it may handle the saving of the file at this point.
  3. Your browser should then ask you to choose a location (folder) to save the file.  It is a good idea to create a special folder (for example C:\Downloads) where you save downloaded files. That way, you will always know where they are. 
    Make a note of the location and name of the file that you save, in case you need to find it later on.
  4. The file will then be downloaded and saved in the location you chose. How long this takes depends on the size of the file, the speed of your modem, and the level of internet traffic on the server and the internet.
  5. When the file is done downloading, you can close your browser and sign off from your ISP. 
    Start Windows Explorer and go to the folder where you saved the file.


If the file you have downloaded is a .ZIP file, then it will need to be unzipped before you can install the program.

  1. You will need an unzipping program such as WinZip.
  2. Run WinZip and open the .ZIP file that you have just downloaded.
  3. Choose Extract and select a folder which will be where WinZip places the extracted files.  (for example C:\Temp)
  4. Complete the extract so that the unzipped files are placed in the selected folder on your hard drive


If you downloaded a .EXE file, or you have already unzipped a .ZIP file that you downloaded then you can install the program.

  1. Using Windows Explorer, simply double-click on the installation .EXE file.  If you downloaded a .EXE file then this is the file to double-click on.  If you downloaded a .ZIP file then the files will be in the location you chose when you extracted from the .ZIP file.  The install program is normally called SETUP.EXE (see Notes below).
  2. After installation, the program is normally available from the Windows Start menu (See Notes below)

Notes / Problems

If you have problems which our Product Support page cannot help you with, please contact us