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WorldTimer - The time now - anywhere !!

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" ... What time is it in ..... ? "

" ... tune in to the game, which is due to start at 4pm EST ... "

" ... we'll be crossing live to John in the Middle East at 3:15pm GMT ... "

" ... we'll be meeting in New York on the 14th at 7pm.  Don't be late ... "

" ... Steve, let me know when it is 10:00am in London.  I have to call Tom ... "

Do the above quotes sound familiar ?  With the Internet soaring in popularity and the advance in communications, the world is becoming a smaller place.  On a daily basis we deal with people in different countries and different time zones.  Often it is difficult to keep track of what time, or even what day it is in different parts of the world.  A clock to display the time in any of the world time zones has quickly becoming an essential tool for many people.

WorldTimer 5 from Castle Software Ltd is the answer to all of these problems, by allowing you to display any number of clocks in any of the world's time zones.  You decide how many clocks you want to display and decide on a time zone for each.  Each clock can be displayed as an analog clock face, or as a digital time. 

WorldTimer showing the time in Auckland and in London

Download a 30-day free trial version of WorldTimer now and try it out before you buy it.


ZDNet Desktop Enhancement of the Day 
4 Sep 2001

Awarded 5/5 Stars On The File Transit

Paul's Picks Shareware Winner

Awarded 4/5 Stars On The File Transit

aFreeGo.com Rated 5 out of 5

SoftList - 4.5 Stars

Yippee Rated 4 (four) stars




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