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WorldTimer - The time now - anywhere !!

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How can WorldTimer help you ?

Please also see the Benefits and uses section for more information. Feel free to download a 30-day free trial version of WorldTimer and try it out before you buy it.


Restrictions in the Trial Version.

The trial version has a number of restrictions that the purchased version does not have :

  • The Reminder dialog reminding you to buy.

  • You can only configure 4 clocks.

The above restrictions are the ONLY restrictions in the unregistered version.  There are no hidden features or extra options available in the registered version other than the restrictions listed above.

System Requirements

WorldTimer is a 32-bit program designed for Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT 4.0 (with SP 4 or greater), Windows 2000, Windows XP, or newer. 

If you have a reasonably new computer (within the last 4 or 5 years or so) then you should have no problems running it.  Make sure your display mode is set to display 65536 colours (16 bit) or more.

  • Windows 95 / 98 / ME, Windows NT 4.0 (SP4 or later), Windows 2000 / XP or newer.
    (Please note that this software has not been tested under Windows Vista)
  • 8MB RAM.
  • 16-bit Colour Display (65536 colours).
  • 5MB Free hard disk space.
  • Windows Common Controls v5.
  • Mouse or other Windows-compatible pointing device strongly recommended.

Note :  WorldTimer makes use of the latest Microsoft Common Controls DLLs.  If you are already running Internet Explorer 5, then your system probably contains the latest DLLs.  

If your system does not have the latest DLLs, you should download and install the Microsoft upgrade file (50comupd.exe)  before running WorldTimer.

Rate WorldTimer

We would appreciate you taking the time to give CastlePaste PRO a rating at aFreeGo.com. Clicking on the image below will open the CastlePaste PRO page on aFreeGo.com. Use the rating box at the bottom of that page to rate CastlePaste PRO.

Revision History

v5.65.2 Minor cosmetic change.
v5.60.1 Added toolbar button to main window for easy access to options. Repackaged for smaller install file.
v5.50.2 Fix small problem with the saving of configuration settings.
v5.50.1 Fix window positioning problem. Fix bug in Countdown timers. Fix problem with loading World map.
v5.04.1 Added Presets feature.
v5.03.2 Fix small bug with NewsAlert.
v5.03.1 New release

  • Upgrade to use Castle NewsAlert.
  • Improved system resource handling.
  • Revised Time Synchronization setup and performance.
  • Support for the TIME protocol as well as SNTP.
  • Support for SOCKS proxies.
  • Automatic positioning of the World Map when opened.
  • Display Longitude and Latitude on world map.
  • Convert Time tool.
  • Ability to switch off seconds.
  • Allow for different coloured hour and minute hands.
  • Start WorldTimer when Windows starts.
  • Automatic refreshing of map window.
  • Bug Fixes

v5.01.1 beta
Early release of v5.
v4.30.5 Fix display of the Day / Night area on the world map.
v4.30.4 Fix Hyperlinks in the About dialog.
v4.30.3 Small fix Check for Updates option.
v4.30.2 Fix 12-hour display format and link to support email.
v4.30.1 Internal release only
New release

  • Simpler user interface
  • Format the date European style (DD/MM/YYYY) or American style (MM/DD/YYYY).
  • Format the date to display the month name (December) instead of the month number (12)
  • Format the time to 12-hour (with am/pm) or 24 hour.
  • Larger, more detailed World Map
  • Check for updates across the internet
  • Online help on the web

Download a 30-day free trial version of WorldTimer now and try it out before you buy it.


ZDNet Desktop Enhancement of the Day 
4 Sep 2001

Awarded 5/5 Stars On The File Transit

Paul's Picks Shareware Winner

Awarded 4/5 Stars On The File Transit

aFreeGo.com Rated 5 out of 5

SoftList - 4.5 Stars

Yippee Rated 4 (four) stars




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