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WorldTimer - The time now - anywhere !!

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Benefits and uses

Track the time anywhere in the world
Make it easy to stay in touch with friends and business associates all over the world. Use WorldTimer to display the exact time anywhere in the world.

Keep your PC's system clock up to date
WorldTimer can update your system clock using the SNTP network protocol.  This option can be enabled or disabled, and can be set to update your system clock once when WorldTimer starts, or at regular intervals determined by the user.  If the system clock does need updating, a maximum correction can be tested for.

Built in global map
WorldTimer has a built in global map and the ability to superimpose an approximation of the world time zones on top of this map.  You can also choose to superimpose an image of the current day and night areas on top of the world map.

Count down timers for special events
What about special events that you want to count down to ?  WorldTimer can help you there too.  Simply add a Countdown Timer, give it a description and configure the target date and time.  You can even choose a sound to be played when the timer reaches its target.

Always there when you need it
WorldTimer lets you keep track of multiple clocks, in a simple and easy to configure manner.  The main clock window can be kept on top of other windows so that you can always check it at a glance.  Should you 'lose' the clock window, a quick click on the WorldTimer icon in the system tray will bring it to the top again.

Display as many clocks as you like
WorldTimer allows you to customize any number of clocks in different time zones.  You decide how many clocks you want to display and decide on a time zone for each.  Each clock can be displayed as an analog clock face, or as a digital time. 

Choose your own colors and fonts
Now, everyone has their own personal colour and font preferences, so WorldTimer allows you to customize all text and choose different colours and fonts for different elements (date, time, background etc)

Try it out now for FREE
WorldTimer is Try Before You Buy;  you may download, install and use WorldTimer for a trial period of 30 (thirty) days, at no cost to you, to determine if it fits your needs.  After that, if you decide to continue using WorldTimer, you are expected to purchase one or more licenses by paying the applicable fee.
  For further details, please read the license agreement in the WorldTimer help file.


ZDNet Desktop Enhancement of the Day 
4 Sep 2001

Awarded 5/5 Stars On The File Transit

Paul's Picks Shareware Winner

Awarded 4/5 Stars On The File Transit

aFreeGo.com Rated 5 out of 5

SoftList - 4.5 Stars

Yippee Rated 4 (four) stars




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