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WorldTimer - The time now - anywhere !!

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Read the review by Katie Reid.

Read the review by Margaret Johnstone.

Read the review by A1 Yippee.

"I'm writing to you from the UK and just wanted to express my gratitude to you for the stupendous service I recently received from Castle Software when ordering and downloading 'World Timer', on March 24th.
I also write to commend you on this software application that is real neat and 'kewl'! I have relatives and friends in the USA, Australia and NZ, so can now 'sync' with them thanks to 'World Timer'. The way this software is customizable really makes it 'mine' with its, now, own unique identity and appearance.
It can be daunting downloading and installing new software to my PC but had no hesitancy in doing so when I saw 'Castle Software's' Web Page. This looks professional and downloads real quick! (Do I really want to install softawre from a Web Page that takes ages and ages to download??!!)
As for delivery and Customer Service it cannot be faulted - I downloaded, installed, paid and received my Activation Key all within the hour. Is that terrific service or what??!!
Castle Software is now logged in my 'Favorites' and will monitor developments of other software that Castle develop.
I close by conveying my kind regards and good wishes to you and your colleagues at Castle Software - an apparently, thoroughly professional outfit! ;-) ..."
- Ian Willsher

"Our company deals with people all over the world.  A world time clock was a must have, and yours is by far the best around.  We needed an application that allowed you to quickly and easily set up clocks to display the time anywhere in the world.  We didn't find any tools that were easier than WorldTimer.  It really is the best world time clock around ..." - Stanley Hope

"I have tried every clock I could find, and I think yours is by far the best. I hope that you will continue to develop it in subsequent versions. I will help to spread the word!" - Druyan Byrne

"Looks like the nicest clock I've seen" - Paul Brannon

"The WorldTimer is a very useful tool when communicating with the rest of the world. I have previously had to use the time sheet as printed at the back of the local telephone directory for time zones. Thank you very much" - Tony Stark

"a very nice timer world clock" - Andreas 

"Nice set up. I like the day time and night time shadows and also the location of the sun. It is a learning experience for the great grand kids" - Charles Peek

"Great application I particularly like the countdown feature" - Frank Pohole

"WorldTimer will be appreciated at my work in a call center where many time zones are covered." - Steve Carmichael

"Your program will make keeping track of the time back home all too easy." - Christian Cannon

"Just what I need" - Carlos Chu

"Cool Clock" - Arno 

"A fantastic world time clock.  I am looking forward to the next version." - Emelio Sanchez

"Perfect. Just what I was looking for." - Jeff Mousseau

"Its a great software" - Jose Beiza

"I think the countdown is the greatest clock in the world." - Sivasuthan Kanapathipillai

"Great Clock and web site" - Eric Phillips

"Congratulations. Your software has fixed my computer! I have an (amateur) scenic webcam on line for expat Greenockians who wish to see the old town they left behind. The problem was the clock on my computer was drifting out by up to ten minutes a day, which quickly made nonsense of the time stamp transmitted with the pictures. Having failed to find the cause or a solution to this, I happened on WorldTimer and downloaded and installed trial version. Although it mentions on your site that it is possible to synchronize the system clock with atomic clocks on the web, what it does not say is that this is done automatically and that the frequency is totally controlled by the user. Granted Windows XPs clock does this but only allows 1 automatic sync per week. Not much good if the drift is more than a couple of minutes per week.

So, Don't hide the remedial powers of WorldTimer under the proverbial bushel! How many more faulty system clocks are out there just waiting for the WorldTimer Cure?" - Robert Cassidy


ZDNet Desktop Enhancement of the Day 
4 Sep 2001

Awarded 5/5 Stars On The File Transit

Paul's Picks Shareware Winner

Awarded 4/5 Stars On The File Transit

aFreeGo.com Rated 5 out of 5

SoftList - 4.5 Stars

Yippee Rated 4 (four) stars




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