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Transform phones, tablets, and other Android devices into secure payment acceptance terminals, supporting multiple contactless payment methods.

Castles Technology’s SoftPos payment solution enables acceptance of contactless payments made with plastic cards and any of its virtual equivalents added to Google Pay, Apple Pay, wearables or proprietary HCE wallets.

Transform Your Smartphone into a Professional Financial POS Terminal with Castles Technology Solution.

Discover Castles Technology’s new SoftPos, the ultimate payment solution designed to change your business and streamline your transactions. With our cutting-edge technology, you can effortlessly transform your smartphone into a financial POS terminal, offering your customers a new payment experience.

Key Benefits

IP & IK Protection

Enable quick merchant on-boarding and deployment by App download.

€260M 2023 revenue

Reduce total cost of ownership versus traditional POS terminals.

Opens up new markets.

4th Global player

Provide a mobile platform that can be tied to additional value-add services to increase revenues and improve customer retention.

SoftPOS Features

The solution is based on the PCI MPoC standard*

Castles SoftPOS solution meets all the certification standards to reduce compliance burdens and keep payments safe.

*The PCI certification is in process

Offering multiple payment methods to suit diverse payment scenarios

Castles SoftPOS solution uses our proven EMV kernels (L2 kernels) for contactless transactions, and also supports QR payments

Our feature-rich application supports a broad range of functionality including Sale, Refund, cashback, tips, e-receipt etc.

Supporting PIN verification for all payment amounts

Castles SoftPOS solution allows EMV contactless transactions with PIN entry on the phone/tablet device.

Up-to-date transaction history

View reports showing the total and current month transaction amounts through graphical charts, accessible on both the SoftPOS device and the CasHUB terminal management system.

The SoftPOS Offering

Full solution provider, tailored for your business applications

The complete solution is customizable, allowing for tailored adjustments to the app’s appearance and backend dashboard to meet specific requirements.

Castles MPoC SDK for development

Extend your options beyond Castles off-the-shelf complete solution by obtaining the Castles MPoC SDK for SoftPOS to develop your own mobile app(s).

SoftPOS /CasHUB backend services

We offer a comprehensive backend and terminal management system so you can efficiently manage boarding, configuration, deployment, customer service, and operational management, and gain valuable business insights.

Want to know more about our SoftPOS solution?

Transform your smartphone into a professional financial POS terminal with Castles Technology solution and offer your customers a new payment experience.